GEBCO 1st Edition
Sheet A I (N)
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Sheet A 'III (S)
Sheet A 'IV (S)
Sheet B I (N)
Sheet B II (N)
Sheet B 'II S
Sheet B 'III (S)
Sheet B 'IV (S)
Sheet C I to C IV
Sheet C 'I to C 'IV
Sheet A 'I (S)
Sheet A II (N)
Sheet A 'II (S)
Sheet A III (N)
Sheet A IV (N)
Sheet B 'I (S)
Sheet B III (N)
Sheet B IV (N)


Work on the first edition of the GEBCO began in June 1903 with a team of seven draftsmen under the direction of Lieutenant Ch. Sauerwein. Extremely rapid progress was made and the series was completed in a period of 7 months. The lithoprinted charts were presented to the Paris Academy of Sciences in January 1904, and later in the year to the Eighth International Geographical Congress held in Washington, D.C. In making the presentation, Professor Thoulet's prophetic words reflect the spirit of this great enterprise:

"The work is finished. In the name of His Serene Highness Prince Albert I of Monaco, I have the honour and, I dare say, the pride to submit this before the Congress. Here then is everything which is known today about the relief of the ocean floor.
For many years to come, mariners, telegraphists, engineers, oceanographers and scientists will continue their soundings, for now we must proceed to fill in the details; no point of any sea on the globe will escape our investigations. The incessant and untiring efforts of succeeding generations are the glory of mankind. In one century - in ten centuries - this is the chart our great-great-nephews will be using, perfected but not changed."