GEBCO 3rd Edition
B IV (N)
B 'IV (S)
A I (N)
A 'I (S)
A II (N)
A 'II (S)
A 'III (S)
A IV (N)
A 'IV (S)
B 'I (S)
B 'II (S)
B 'III (S)
Sheet B I (N) Missing
Sheet B II (N)


There was a major change in organization for the production of the third edition. Following the death of Prince Albert, his scientific team was disbanded and the Government of Monaco invited the International Hydrographic Bureau (now the International Hydrographic Organization, IHO) to take over this project. By a decision of the International Hydrographic Conference held in 1929, the Bureau was entrusted with the task of keeping the series up-to-date and of collating all sounding data outside the continental shelf.

Work commenced on the 3rd edition in 1932, but progressed very slowly, mainly due to the lack of financial support.  The production of this edition was spread over a period of 34 years and only 21 sheets were actually published.